Liza Grayhund.

 WELL, well, well. This has NOTHING to do with "Scarred For Life" story. Its just an excerpt of something I started typing. That's it :).

Liza. My name is Liza Grayhund. Well really, the name my mom and dad gave me is Elizerena. Weird name right?! I don't know what my parent's were thinking when they named me. Unfortunately, I am the only child. Even though I get whatever I want, I really would like a sibling or two. I have a 3 year old niece. I know your probably thinking how I have a niece and no siblings. Well, my dad's friend, who is half his age, is my mentor. Not like a math mentor; But she is my hero. Anything I need, whether it's advice or understanding of a problem, or to even just talk, she's also there. I call her my sister. Her name is Diane and her daughter's name is Kaylee. Not only does she support and defend me, she also let's me watch her daughter sometimes. That gives me an opportunity to see how it is to raise a child on your own. Mommy always said its hard. Really hard. ["It takes a village to raise a child.") Right! Lately, her and my dad have been spending a lot of time together. I know it's for work, but I'm starting to get a little suspicious. 
Pets? Yeah, I have a pet. That's my baby; a brownish, golden and white hamster named Jojo. Jojo means a lot to me because I got her on my birthday. My grandmother gave me her; that is before she died. I miss my grandmother, but I'm glad I have this long lasting memory of her. I guard Jojo with my Life. If anything happened to her, I would be done. Literally. 
Kaylee LOVES Jojo! I mean after all, she is just 3 years old. Moving objects and animals usually amaze little kids. I don't mean to sound.. like a bad person, but sometimes I get overprotective with my Jojo and put her first. Kaylee is a handful! She need that old time bare butt spanking.

Anyway, back to me. The years I've been on this Earth is 13. I am not your average 13 year old. My way of thinking is very peculiar. If your options for me are orange and purple, I'll say pink with squiggly lines and a elephant at the top corner. People always call me strange and weird and I'm a freak; But they all say they love me so why do I care what they think? People's opinions don't matter to me. I do what make me happy and I don't care if you like it or not. Let me be. School is fun besides people's comments. I only go to school Monday through Thursday. That's the easy life. On Friday's, My dad always takes me to my tap dance lessons. I'm such a daddy's girl. After every practice when he picks me up, we go out; whether it's a train ride, walk in the park with our ice cream cones or simply looking off the balcony at the park, watching the beautiful city. This gives me a chance to talk to my daddy. I tell him everything. He is more understanding than my mom and that's why he has more rating. Let me tell you about my mom.
Her name is Cinthia Johnson-Grayhund. She is a very anti social person who is always at work. I barely see her. Only at night. She leaves early in the morning before I get up for school, but at least she has the heart to send me daily text messages.
My mom has always been that way. I don't know why when she has 3 sisters and 2 brothers. That's just weird to me. I wish that were me, *sad face.* I'd be the happiest girl in the world.

Tomorrow is bring your child to work day. If you think I'm going with my dad, you are incorrect. I chose to go with my mom this year because, of course, I've gone with my dad for the years I've been doing this. My goal is to seek new experiences and my mom's work environment is way different than my dads. I know it's going to be pretty boring because my mom doesn't always monitor me. I've gotten away with a lot of things and still to this day, no one knows. Sometimes.. A lot of times, I wonder what it would be like if my mom would communicate more. I want that mother, daughter relationship that every one else has. Not exactly like every one else's but just to have something nice to say about her here and there. I want her to know what I'm feeling. However, this is a good chance to meet new friends. I once had this friend in 5th grade. She told me to choose my friends wisely. Back then, I didn't know how to do that and ended up in a bad, embarrassing situation. This girl *clears throat*, heifer name Alana was talking about me behind my back. There's really not that much bad stuff you can say about me. But when I confronted her, she denied it then I started giving her death glares and stuff. She was shock for a minute but then she confessed and put me on blast. All I could do is cry and run away. I didn't know if it was true at that moment but hey, I'm way passed it. Just hopefully, there will be more compassionate kids there. I can live with that.

Enough of me. Time to get ready for tomorrow. All smiles this way.

There is nothing better than waking up to the smell of clothes being washed. Well atleast for me it is. It lets me know that the day will be good. Nevermind. Correction. Usually, my day is okay because when I smell the soap early in the morning, it indicates my mom is home and is going to work later hours. About 2 years ago, she asked me if I wanted to go to work with her, but I didn't give her a straight answer. These were her exact words: "If you want to come to work with me, you will catch the bus. I will not wait for you nor will I come back and et you." Jesh! Well nevermind then!
I got up to go to the bathroom. As I was about to go into the bathroom, I heard my mom and dad arguing. They only sense they have is non sense; no questions. I disregarded the things I was hearing and went into the bathroom. " that my fault? NO. Do what you want to do. I'm done talking to you." I over heard my dad say as I was washing my hands. It's too early for this rubbish. I heard some things being thrown around. I think it was my mom. Jerk. "..screw you.." she yelled at my dad. Great! Now mommy's got an attitude! I don't even want to go any more. *doubt face.* I walked back to my new brand of soap my daddy bought for me. Every thing else is usually kept in my bathroom. Randomly, I started singing "Two is better than One." Maybe not after all. I adjusted the temperature then got in the shower.
 For the last couple of months, mommy and daddy haven't really hung out. It's *all *about work. Would it be a bad idea if I incorporated my ideas into their problem? Maybe so; but I'm going to do it anyway. I've been thinking about doing this lately. Okay, so here's my idea: Mommy and daddy go out on a date! Enough Info? Well here's how. I get money every month. A good bit. All I would have to do is make reservations and trick them into going. Ew eww! We'll see about that. I already know the affects but my motto is "never give up." It always helps! You should see my room! You'll find quotes all over the wall along with other stuff like my favorite singer, which is... That's irrelevant. Let me get back to business. "ELIZA!!" I heard my daddy call for me. That's what he always calls me. I wish that we're my name. "Yes daddy? I'll be down in a minute." I yelled back back. I was in the process of doing my hair. After changing the degree of my top half ponytail 4 times, I made my way downstairs. "Are you ready to go sweetie?" My mom asked me. I was shocked! Sweetie? "Yes ma'am." I told my mom. She brought me over a plate with a bagel and some fruit. This is really weird. "Thank You." I started eating my fruit then looked back at my dad who was smiling. He got up and grabbed his keys then back to the table I was sitting at. "Okay Liz, I'm going now. I hope you enjoy your visit and I will pick you up later. I love you, Bye." He kissed me on my forehead then left for work. A couple minutes after he left, my mom came back in. "We will leave as soon as your done." She said walking passed me. I think she went to grab her purse because it was about that time to start leaving. I got up and put my plate in the sink then jetted upstairs to get my jacket and purse. I took my time walking down the stairs because I was checking my phone. "I'm ready mom.." I said but I got no answer. The heck? Oh I know why! Her butt can't ever wait for nobody or at least tell them she's leaving. She was sitting in the car -- waiting for me. I sighed then went outside to meet her. I got in the car and not even did I get a chance to put my seatbelt on, this woman pulls off. *wtf face.*